My world is a multi-cultural one, and has been my whole life. You’ve heard of “army brats”? Well, I’m an “executive brat”.  My family literally moved from one state to another and one city to another.  This has fostered a love of the uniqueness in people from all walks of life.  Heck, I even married a beautiful Colombian girl.  My house is full of the sounds and smells of many places, from the local Texas flavors to the sweetness of my two little girls conversing in Spanish with their mother.

I tend to absorb the people that surround me.  When I’m privileged to travel across the globe, you’ll find me dining in their cuisines rather than seeking out American food.  Well, except for breakfast.  The West has that market cornered.

When I’m not traveling or shooting, I love hanging out with my family. They really are my joy. I also love to cook! I enjoy trying new foods that are healthy and fun. I make a mean curry split pea and my meatloaf pretty much rocks. Summertime is grilling time on charcoal grill; no gas grill here. No, sir!  I’m currently working on getting back in shape. The Insanity|T25 programs are kicking my behind. But I love every minute of it.

Ultimately, I’m a geek at heart, so the technical side of photography is just as much a hobby as it is a career.


My experiences have given me a very different world view.  Rather than wanting to shape and mold people into what I prefer, I’ve learned to appreciate who they are and what their life expresses.  This can hopefully be seen in my work.  Moving from the romantic to the vibrant, from the silly to the serious (and all things in between) is how I generate the images that my clients love.  My ability to bend in the fashion of whoever is in front of my camera is something that I see as a benefit.  Not that I lose my own vision, but that I can merge my expectations with theirs, creating a unique view for each client.

Your story and my camera, now that is extraordinary!

Mark Arnold FOTO

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